Our Mission

We know that there are so many great organizations out there that help both women and young girls. However, we still have a BIG mission and hope that you will support us. We are a newly established online boutique that began in September of 2018. We aim to bring anyone who visits us fun, affordable and unique collections. As of today 100% of any purchases that are made are solely being poured back into Be Confident Boutique. Our mission is to build a big enough customer base so that we can begin to give back to women within multiple communities. Once we are able to efficiently maintain a big enough customer base we will begin to work within communities to be able to fund multiple activities that bring women together. We want to be able to host: makeovers, wardrobe makeovers, mini fashion shows, and eventually fundraisers where 50% of the proceeds will go back to local women's shelters, foster care, healing shelters for trafficked women and children, domestic violence and eventually organizations of your choice. We would love for you to be a part of this Be Confident Movement and watch and help us as we change a woman's life one fabulous step at a time! 


Who are Confident Babes?

Our Confident Babes are women who envision Be Confident Boutique. They have been specifically picked from within the Greater Sacramento area to help spread confidence to other women through fashion and style. Each Babe has been selected to show the world their different styles in hopes of inspiring others to feel and look confident through fashion. Each collection has items that have been picked by each Babe. These are styles that capture who they are and their creativity. It doesn't matter who you are, if Be Confident Boutique stands for what you believe in, then contact us so you too can become a Confident Babe. Shop each of our Confident Babe's collections below! You won't regret it! πŸ’•

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